The Orana Group

An overall brand strategy and brand architecture design and development starting from picking inspiring brand names to make the brand visibility visually appealing we worked in the entirety of the branding exercise with the parent company Orana Group.

Orana Hotel, Mahipalpur

A luxurious and stylish rendition of the new age grandeur works, we designed the sister website for Orana Hotels and Resorts and devised design plans for marketing campaigns and social media for the company.

Orana Conventions, Gurgaon

For one of the stalwarts in the wedding planning and event management based in the national capital reigon of our country, Orana Convention is an up-site for posh and luxury.

Orana Platum, Pitampura

A banqueting blessing, Orana Platum offers world-class services to its customers for their important events. A build-up around this, we offered website building services to the company and made sure to pull out the magnificence that it promised.

Orana Aurnum, Mayapuri

An ideal space to conduct important events like weddings and engagements, from building the brand name to designing an informative and visually led website page we made sure that the strings to the parent company remained visible and intact in our reach protocols.

Orana Social Media Managment

In addition to this, we built up on the social media management for each of the branch companies laying down the differences in each with a uniform base of primary palette and lux approach.