RBS WIT Growth Summit 2019

Women in Tech, a digital property that was launched as an initiative for RBS, now has an independent identity as WIT Ace, where the Women in Tech Growth Summit 2019 was designed from scratch by us. We were involved in the process of its identity development and launch program. From the ground design requisites to the digital communication model of the launch, we were the primary design consultancy team that prepared the model for the launch of this much speculated event. Our work entailed not only event planning and design but also a digital and social media scope.

Digital Media Management

We designed a digital communication model for the WIT Summit event which included identifying the branding of the launch from scratch. Dark hues of blue, magenta and such were used in our palette to inspire the look of strength, femininity and inculcate the idea of freedom & growth in harmony. In addition to that we were also responsible for the digital media management from initial campaign launch to campaign closure.

Social Media Management

We also developed a fine social media strategy to address the powerful messaging of the event. The development of content and creatives followed by management of the social media channels fulfilled by campaigns and informative records, our creative team handled the digital launch of the event single-handedly.

Event Brochure

The event brochure was designed by our team based on the vision and value of the brand. The hue palette was uniform in all our branding exercises and we made it a point to bring the power of feminine strength and presence in our information models.