Tata Docomo

One of our early clients Tata Docomo was a well-known Indian mobile network operator that introduced many social campaigns in its time. We were engaged with the brand’s promotion design, code of conduct design, event design, digital communication etc.

Print & Publication at Docomo

In addition to successful internal campaigns we also were the primary design consultants for its print and publication design for products like calendars, newsletters. We developed themes and design spread for various events for the brand. At the time we also stemmed in providing digital marketing solutions like email marketing and whatsapp communication management for the client.

Mobile and Whatsapp Communication at Docomo

From email marketing to multi-disciplinary marketing solutions, we designed various advertisement models for the brand. We also inculcated a system of internal communication for the brand and its partners in the form of whatsapp communication. The creation and the management of such engagement and communication was the primary objective of our creative team.