When we think of a good brand, we think of what it means to us.

‘Great brands cultivate much more than a gleaming reputation; they cultivate memories and relationships for their consumers to delve into.’

The quintessence of a brand’s soul is centred on its internal values and principles with the people behind it. Because overtime, brands tend to take a new life and shape of their own, representing much more than a product line, some ads and a large market share. It signifies the brand’s culture, business goals, employee motivations and the blood, sweat and tears of the people behind the curtain. And a workplace embodies the core of a brand’s raw makings from Day 1 to the Day – we made it!

‘Incorporating a brand’s visual identity in the workplace will instantly give people a place to belong.’

Workplace branding is a good way to create a motivational and inspirational environment where employees can thrive on their sense of belonging. Embodying a brand in the workplace design will instil its value and vision into the company culture and encourage behaviour that is consistent with the brand. The seamless implementation of a brand’s visual expression in the workplace works as an interactive team building tool, uniting and reinforcing the beliefs and values of the brand in a tangible corporate space.

‘It is the combined mix of efforts by branding experts, designers and architects put together on a branding space design.’

A workplace needs the combined mix of efforts by branding experts, designers and architects to make it absorb a brand’s identity seamlessly into different factory channels. With 3 leads put together on a space design, there needs to be a clear note of understanding as to- where and how to converge at a clear expression of the brand’s values and core beliefs. Conducting preliminary exercises and lining up inputs in the beginning for better arrangement in the space will help structure the process in the early stages of design. Be it planning for graphic display wall, redoing light focus or a design reorder of the workplace, it all needs to be traced down for changes at every point of design development.

‘Tactile sensory branding plays a huge part in a brand’s creative expression by incorporating subtle design elements and texture play in a physical form.’

Carefully and thoughtfully using design elements to represent the brand in a workplace creates an environment that embodies a consistent brand culture and philosophies. Tactile sensory branding plays a huge part in the branding experience by incorporating texture play and subtle design elements in the brand’s creative expression. We’re basically telling a brand’s story and communicating its beliefs, goals and achievements in all life and form.

Putting a gimmicky display of products and external branding doesn’t revive a creative passion for the space. It needs to be subtle and inviting, while also expressing the company’s work ethics in an organic way.

‘Give the workplace a distinct sense of character by including the brand’s organic ingredients.’

While following brand guidelines to give the workplace a branding makeover is a tad bit obvious, incorporating the brand’s organic ingredients in the interior will render it a distinct sense of character. For instance, blending an industrial interior with a brand’s organic components in a thoughtful manner will leave its mark of true brand expression on those walls for ages to come.

Going beyond logos and color palettes, the authenticity of workplace branding lies in embarking on a tradition that builds an office culture and reflects on the brand’s core principles in every inch of the space.