We believe that brands are the engine to initiate change and drive social impact. Together with you, we craft cause frameworks which are seamless to your brand and sustainable in the larger ecosystem.


Cause Context 

The cause narratives and effective branding often go a long way in sustaining your brand! We start by assessing and constructing your cause architecture.


Cause Strategy

A good cause needs a good strategy and roadmap so that they create the desired impact. We design an effective communication strategy that inspires people to participate in social causes.


Cause Activation

We help our partners with Research, Message Development, and an action plan that helps our partners conduct on-ground awareness activations and drive enthusiastic participtaion.


When Toilet Talkies first surfaced, it was mostly in the form of an ideathon wherein we collected ideas from all across the country in digital format like poster-making, poetry writing etc. In the new avatar we will have a variety of sub-themes raising awareness about gender discrimination, health and sanitation, moral and civic behaviour around public toilets in corporate spaces etc.

Plastic K Ped

Plastic ka Ped was incepted as an up-cycling workshop for plastic bottles and other plastic products wherein we would integrate art-specific alterations to these otherwise waste products. The PKP now expands upon directly generating awareness campaigns across the classic ‘recycle, reduce, reuse’, waste segregation or other drastic plastic led impact and raise awareness along the lines of talks, art activities, workshops etc.


This project is aimed at sustaining co-existence between human and non-human species. Around our households, there are so many different types of species living that one can spot. We are working in collaboration with Robin Panjikar, a herpetologist who is already doing an excellent job under the banner of Frog Files.

We Foundation

‘Know Your WQ’ is a campaign in conjunction with the We Foundation, that investigates the extent of environmental water literacy and spreads awareness in this regard. It aims to move in sync with the UNs Current themes for World Water Day, every year, which in the year 2022, is about Valuing Water’, in the context of our households, culture, health, education, economics and the integrity of our natural environment.

Siksha Prayaas

The aim of this project is to decrease very prevalent gender discrimination in corporate circles. Unequal salaries, management discrimination, ill-treatment of female colleagues, harassment in the office space etc are some themes that we strongly feel about and would like to change. It is time to bring women leaders to the forefront with assured safety and equality at workplaces.


India has always been the hub for rich and art and craft culture. To make this a mainstream knowledge of sorts, we aim to raise awareness about our own richness across various age groups. To develop formats for each age group and professional groups to conduct talks, workshops, fairs, building toolkits etc. This initiative is in collaboration with Search Years and the primary agenda is to help them raise funds for campaigns such as these.

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