Digital Branding and Interface Design for LexBuddy.

Lex Buddy is a compliance solution platform that enables its benefactors to easily find and identify laws, policies and other legal domain interactions. We did a complete digital branding including website re-modification with a complete layout preparation for the brand visibility.


Visual Identity and Webpages Design for LexComply

Lex Comply is regulatory compliance management software that works in lieu of its sister company Lex Buddy. We worked in designing the visual identity of this product from the very start. To demonstrate the features and info on the product itself, we also designed the webpage for this software.


Visual Branding and Identity Design for LexLocus Insolvency

Offering legal solutions to its customers, LexLocus Insolvency is a company driven by legal information. As for all the branding exercise with the above-mentioned companies, here too we structured our design around informative and theme-based portrayals. In projects such as these, our one point agenda remains to develop trust between the customer and the brand.


Corporate Branding for RSJ Professionals Pvt Ltd.

An overall corporate branding exercise was committed to RSJ Professionals Pvt. Ltd. A one of a kind master branding that incorporates design ideation that is beyond the products and services, ranging into the very core value of the brand itself, we tried to portray this brand persona through our branding exercise.