Nabh is a noble concept in itself, the idea behind the brand has a beautiful story. From the streets and sides of Haridwar, there is tons of floral waste everyday. Nabh collects the waste, processes it and produces fragrance based products like incense sticks and dhoop in India. What a story, waste from religious sites are developed into products for religious practices! We enjoyed working with this beautiful brand that gave us intense motivation and satisfaction throughout the branding exercise.

Logo Design

We created a mix of English and Hindi lettering in the logo design to appeal to the classic cultural origin with a modern tweak of concept creativity. The font was also a fluid mix of this idea.


We designed the packaging of the various products inspired from the kind of flower used and the fragrance that was in place. A pastel palette was used all in all with minimal black font and light informative content on the products.

The Colours

An earthy palette was used for the brand considering the soft nature of its concept, flowers were our main source of inspiration and color for each product and the overall design ecosystem was based on the floral muse.

The Narrative

An impeccable concept brings forth a masterpiece visual narrative! The design was served to us on a platter and we grabbed the opportunity to draw the best from it, from floral motifs to pastel palette, product packaging was a mix of classic and modern!

The Website

We also created the website for the brand, minimal, niche and transparent to match its cause was our inspiration through and through. The brand persona was developed to instil the urgency of waste management and beauty of the concept that this brand entails.