Neomedic Ltd

Neomedic was established in 1997 with a unique proposition of establishing itself as the first integrated supplier of a wide range of medical consumables under a single brand umbrella, with a common quality system certification. Twenty three years down the road in our long journey, we’ve established our brand in over 50 countries as an unparalleled force of medical advancement.

The Strategy

The brand value rested with their vision of affordable healthcare all around the world. To be able to achieve that a strong business model that curates space for this vision was essential. The client very specifically rendered this task of a portrayal of this vision in their brand visibility, positioning & personality, both internal and external.

The Logo

To be able to imbibe the vision of the brand’s vision, we eventually landed on the idea of an ascendant sun that brings optimism and hope of a better and a healthier future for all. The brand envisions its journey and delivery along the same lines and it only fits to have a logo that significantly demonstrates this acclaimed identity. 

Stationery & Templates

Before we started with the collaterals & templates, it was imperative to have a clear demonstrable palette and design in place. The primary color palette is inspired by the fresh hues of the rising sun in the backdrop of a green landscape. We made sure that all the stationery, be it visiting cards, booklets, envelopes, letter-heads etc. follow the same palette and design.

Uniform & Merchandise

Following the uniform palette that became the decisive base for all our deliverables, we used our invariable design for the brand’s corporate and on-ground uniform & accessories. Furthermore, we designed coffee mugs, notebooks, pens, pen-drives, storage devices & other items that could be shared with the external commons and also used by the staff across, demonstrating the brand identity very clearly.

Space Design

In addition to the uniform & portable merchandise, we worked towards creating a holistic space development for the brand. Using the uniform primary, secondary & tertiary color palette in addition to the minimal streak that we allotted to the brand, we carefully developed infographics for the walls, furniture and other spaces of the brand’s tangible infrastructure.

Print Design

Big, bold headlines, prominent and clear photography with explicit brand messaging were designed for the brand’s print collateral. From internal printed products like letterheads and notepads to outdoor stand-ins, we made sure that the brand identity remains uniform for better brand visibility.

Product Packaging Design

From direct to peripheral packaging, we made sure to instill the brand’s minimal design feature in these deliverables. Careful usage of the brand color palette and logo drove our product packaging instinct.