A Sustainability Management Platform, one of its kind, needed overall brand building from starting from ideating the brand’s positioning led primary research to initiate a digital footprint of the brand, to managing its presence & expanding upon the brand’s unique identity to equitable spaces in an international landscape.

The Visual Identity

Logo, Typography, colour, and image were assigned at the initial scope of Brand book Design. The unique product, brand story & positioning were key in comprehending the overall appearance, to inspire brand recall. The website with apt communication and appearance design with layout, assigned colour scheme, and the font was enabled and maintained.

Print & Publication

An all-encompassing Knowledge and Publication Strategy was designed & executed for Onlygood- under the purview of various Target Consumers’ Profiles, to kick-start visibility, credibility & Insistence upon Identity. This was accompanied by an all-round optical & highly functional  SEO Apparatus. 

Social Media Management

On the social media we had the target audience and a clear brand vision in place, simply we magnified the messaging breadth with creative stories.