Oye! Rickshaw

 A brand in the EV industry asked us to get on board to design the ethics of their brand communication & revamp the overall Visual Identity of the brand. Oye! Rickshaw is a commuter convenience platform which is a one-off, tech-driven, app-based e-rickshaw booking facility for the users, which also aids upon its driver-partners employment by stabilising the EV Ecosystem. While undertaking the Visual Identity & Branding of Oye! Rickshaw, we chanced upon the Indianness at the core of this concept. We designed the logo and assigned the visual & type palette for the brand with a minimal, simplistic and emblematic approach.

The Visual Identity

Our logo enhances the simplicity of convenience that our consumers would experience. The minimal style of presenting just the name of the brand, (which is also a common phrase on Indian streets) effectively showcases the semblance of commute-based choices in our consumers’ everyday life. The font used (Helvetica) draws upon the essence of minimalism.