With RSPL’s Proease our work was to intensify and manage end-to-end digital projects and establish a well-placed web presence to boost brand awareness for which we essentially were expected to develop the key visual and content framework.

Packaging Design


The packaging of the main product and the booklet accompaniment was our major deliverable in the issuance of the packaging design. For this we instilled the parent brand’s color palette and devised an inspired palette for Proease. The brand essentially sells better woman hygiene and menstrual safety, to be able to boost the vision we constructed of market-based relatable packaging.


Packaging Design


To reach the target market, it was important that we marketed the brand name to various common print mechanisms like newspapers, magazines etc. To be able to achieve that we curated content that befitted the print campaign that we envisioned to run.


Print Campaign Design


To advertise the brand value and enhance the brand consumption, we made sure that the target groups ‘look’ at the brand delivery. Exciting offers, reassuring merchandise and clear messaging helped us achieve our advertising goals in addition to the required retail design from scratch.


Ambient Advertising and Retail Design


We had planned a very simple and clear space for the brand because this was a render from the parent brand. It was important to make sure that all information about the brand was stored in one place for referrals but also that it was not too heavy on visuals and content. We designed a microsite for this very purpose.


Proease Microsite Design

In addition to brand identity development, we were also responsible for building the brand’s digital ecosystem and equity. From the very first start-off we had a clear vision of where we see the brand’s digital growth we amplified the brand promise intrinsically with the digital resonance, starting with website design.


Proease Social Media Management

On the social media we had the target audience and a clear brand vision in place, simply we magnified the messaging breadth with creative stories.