Tally Service Pvt ltd

From complete internal communication management to structuring the communication matrix to event communication design, we tackled layers of hierarchical underpinnings to be able to establish uniformity in diversity!

The Tally Code of Conduct

One of our most eminent and successful Internal Communications endeavours -Tally has been an inspiring project for us. Tally is a large corporation that works with more partners and less employees. So for a company of this nature, it becomes important that they keep a firm and established ground with the many partners that they must sustain, in an ecosystem such as this, Internal Communication not only is imperative, it also must be robust.

Tally Newsletter Darpan

A well formulated code of conduct is like a spine-support to many large corporations. To be able to design such an extensive aspirational document, we found it was imperative to be well versed with the value bases of the company as well as to be able to trace the heights it aspires to achieve. This document provides clues to the past, present and future of the brand and must be designed with the driving term that fulfills the brand persona in all directions. With this idea in mind, we designed the code of conduct for the client and well they loved it!


Tally Employee Engagement 

One very important facet of Internal communication is the constant presence of the brand voice in the associate’s mind. For better engagement and enhanced relatability from its people, a brand must speak to them, make them feel heard. With the inception of this periodical newsletter we initiated a transparent communication management in the internal sets of Tally and its partners.

Interactive Whatsapp Management

We devised simple and easy to grasp ideas for employee engagement like regular whatsapp updates and videos sent across groups. These short videos consisted of motivational ideations, festivity messages, congratulatory affirmations, common vacation reminiscence etc.